Other Business Opportunities That You Can Promote Along With Your MiniSite

You'll need PayPal and AlertPay account to receive your earnings from
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Note: In order to create merchant buttons, for PayPal, you'd need to have a Premier account, for AlertPay, you'd need a Personal Pro account - upgrades are FREE.

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As you market your MiniSite, you'll find that some buyers don't yet have web hosting service. It's a good idea to recommend GDI for their web hosting service. GDI offers the 7 Day FREE Trial - in most cases, will be more than enough time to start making money with the MiniSite - enough to cover the $10 a month hosting fee. For you, each one that you sponsor to GDI that becomes active, you will earn $1/month. There are also bonuses that will pay you $100 for every 5 sponsored within the same week!

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Would you like to Earn REAL Cash within the next 20 minutes? Turbo Tycoon is a One-Of-A-Kind PTC

Earn money for viewing about 20 - 50 ads every couple of hours or so.

Earn money for about the same number of ads that those you've sponsored click on and view -- down to the 6th downline level

No minimum amount of time for viewing the ads - you can close the browser window as soon as it fully opens if you want to - and you'd still be credited for the ad

Up to 5 members can be can click on ads on the same computer - so you can sign up your entire family under you and roll up to you

Low minimum payout of just $10 -- this means that if 5 members of the household is clicking on about 50 ads every other hour, you wouldn't need to wait for very long before you transfer your funds to your PayPal account to spend as you wish

For now, only residents of Canada and the U.S. can sign up, but are in the process of going global in the very near future

Earn cash for reading emails, trying new products, testing websites, and filling out surveys

You can also earn cash by referring your friends to this fun and easy way to earn money. Then after you've earned just $30, you can request for a payout - simple as that!

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